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Prospexx Integrated capital and Barrett Capital Exchange and principal Tom Mackenzie pocket upfront fees on the promise of finding finance for various projects.Now they have changed to Canada Capital Advisors,Peregrine Funding Partners and Trideca Business Advisors Beware they are all Tom MckenzieThey then take considerable time in finding excuses not to produce what they initially promise.They claim they have access to funds but can not prove it hiding behind non disclosure agreements.

Claiming to have been in operation since 1991 there is not one shred of evidence that these companies have ever funded any projects.Using credible brokers who they eventually wear down with their constant delays and non communication they allude to being able to fund considerable projects but never actually produce anything.

It is a long term scam that by constantly promising and claiming to have access to finance this then allows them to continue accepting fees.This is fueled by the need for finance for non conventional projects that search other than mainstream funders.They quote timescales that they just do not adhere too and talk about having an extensive number of potential investors that no one can find Tom Mckenzie should not be allowed to charge for something him and his companies just never produce The pain that delays cause also incur costs frustration and false hope to their supposed customers.

If Tom Mckenzies practices are not illegal then he is completely immoral ask anyone that has been promised something for months and it never arrives. Even in the hard world of finance their working practices should be stamped out. Please do not pay Prospexx integrated Capital and Barrett Capital Exchane fees and they will eventually go where they belong under a stone!

Companies like Prospexx Integrated Capital and Barrett Capital Exchange should be obliged to give actual proof of funded projects so Brokers and Customers do not engage with them or send them any money unless they can.I think then they will be stopped causing the problems that they do and another scam will be prevented.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Mack Mackenzie funded our project, so I guess ours was better the above others.having operated businesses and seen what people are trying to sale as a "good project" is a joke.

They in fact are the scammers, not Mack and his group. Yes it took a long time for our project to fund, but in talking with Mack he has taken his lumps on projects that went bust and you do not see him posting those people on the web as dead beats! Any project if it was viable will get funded in time.

Unless the person is a victim of hope and thinks that their project will save the world.This is business.


We just had a run-in with him and his daughter.Tom Mckenzie goes by Mac Mackenzie and his daughter is Michalea -- with Bromot Capital Consulting.

He issued an engagement letter on our Goldmine project and then when I saw all of these complaints on the internet and asked for references he flat out canceled our loan. Didn't try to explain or attempt to give us a reference.

The loan terms were too good to be true; 9% - 10 yrs w/ a 5 yr balloon and no points or equity play.$12.5M loan - exactly what we requested even though the loan amount had some serious padding.


Tom McKenzie is also using Bromot Capital...same story delays, changing time lines and no actual money coming to fund a project.


Unfortunately my path crossed with Mr.Tom 'Mack' Mckenzie recently and I wont bore you with the details because they are the same as everyone else's on the internet.

Investment group offering private capital, up front 'due diligence fees' etc... etc...

When I asked him to provide some references of projects he funded he started jabbering about disclosure agreements etc...

I wanted people to be aware that the latest paperwork has a company name on there of Bromot Capital Consulting claiming to have offices also in Ontario.If you google the address it will show an insurance firm, if you google Tom McKenzine, hopefully you find these threads before you pay any money to this turd.


It is a general doctrine of law in all jurisdictions that making false public

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All defamation to enforce...

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Contact HSBC in the Okanagan Valley British Columbia and you will see that Tom McKenzie was in FACT involved in funding a winery deal.


The man should not have lied that he had access

to funds What goes around comes around then he starts creating pathetic web pages that make excuses but can just not show one funded project Get back under your stone thief.

Trying to shame people that trusted him to do something Gave them his hard earned money and he still is in denial He has shut his sham so why does he not shut up He said no for so long and now he thinks people want to hear his ramblings.If he ever spoke to a serious funder no wonder they said no He is a sad old man that should go and play with his toys.Before the authorities seize them for taking money under false pretences.

Be attentive he will try to do it under other names but remember you will get nothing from him.

Pay the people their money back you did not do your job and never have!


This is all lies the people writing this garbage are pissed off because their projects were trash and weren't funded. These are people out for revenge anyway they can get it !


The man has been found out!

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